Muse Lolita
My sewing machine had to go to the doctor a week and a half before Anime north, I’m so happy it is home.
San - Princess Mononoke

My friend (who was dresses as Nausicäa) and myself decided to crash the Disney Princess Photo Shoot LoL

At some point I would like to do a real photo shoot but I was to lazy to do much this weekend XD
The one thing in love about dressing up as Sharon is that I get to wear my sneakers lol they hide under my large shirt!
Anime North 2014 Cosplay Plans

Friday: Sharon Reinsworth - Pandora Hearts
Saturday: Alice - Alice Madness Returns
Sunday: Princess Mononoke

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This is society for everything, if you are considered “conventionally attractive” than whatever you do it’s appealing. However if you are considered to be less attractive than whatever you do it’s wrong. 

This deserves so many notes. I have heard all of the black quotes behind my back. It’s really demoralizing.
Cosplay 2013
Saeko Busujima - HIghschool of the Dead
Photographer: Droo
Cosplay 2012
Saber Alter - Fate/ Series
Not the greatest picture but it shows off my sword that I made (I altered a wooden sword and painted the design myself. I haven’t posted much recently so here is some old cosplay photos.
Photography: A friend :)