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Okay I caved, the not so secret commission is Archer from Fate/Stay Night
Lady Eboshi commission:

revisited the patterns on the bottom of the over jacket and like how they turned out much better


Anonymous: I'm sorry to bother you, but can I ask how you're doing the little oval details on Eboshi's coat? Is it applique? It looks absolutely beautiful!

No bother at all :) But short answer yes, it is appliqué. A little tedious but I think the results is well worth it.


*Saber is summoned*

Saber: “I ask of you, are you my Master?”

Master: “I am.”

Saber: “Do you have my change of clothes prepared? And food and board?”

Master: “W…what?”

Saber: “My Master traditionally offers me a change of casual clothing to suit the times. I tend to care little for appearance…




I’ve been keeping this a secret for months… but we have been working hard on an awesome new cosplay website, and it has finally launched!! 
The website is, it is a platform made for cosplayers to easily buy and sell cosplay costumes, props, wigs, and more
As a better alternative to ebay and etsy, we will never make you pay for listing your cosplay items. Yep, we are 100% free to try. We also offer better final value fees than other marketplaces, 3% only when your item sells!
I invite you to take a look around, or start your cosplay shop and upload some cosplay costumes of your own! The first 100 items will be placed on the front page. :D Let me know if you have any questions. And please reblog to get the word out! :)

A great website if you make and sell props and/or costumes! Also, of course, great if you’re hunting for costumes and props!
"Cosplay is getting to be more corrupt as it becomes more mainstream. It’s becoming more about looking like a Victoria’s Secret model and being bullied if you don’t. I, for one, am tired of it. Cosplayers are being told, verbally or otherwise, that they need to look a certain way to do what they love. Cosplay is not a beauty contest. Society has done enough harm to the issue of body image. Lets keep it out of the cosplay community."


Misa on Wheels


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